Danica Patrick Sex tape

Sextape of Danica Patrick, wow who wouldn't pay to get his hands on these videos.

One thing for sure, don't miss this one beacause the resemblance is striking.

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Danica Patrick showering

Woa, those teens had an instant boner!

Danica Patrick's Strip-Teasing

Danica Patrick's Strip-Tease: Every Guy's Dream


Neat slideshow exposing Danica Patrick showing what's under the hood STEP by STEP.  The clichés been told, but this auto driving chick must know how to shift gears.

p.s. Property of Sports Illustrated, if you do not own these images quit now!


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Danica Patrick Starlette Pictures

Danica Patrick Starlette Pictures

How does Danica Patrick look when she hits the red carpet.

The answer: still got this sexy and dangerous look. Yet, classy.

Not many girls can pull this off and yet she does it with ease. The dream girl?

taken from: http://sports.rightpundits.com/?pp_album=main&pp_cat=danica-patrick&pp_image=Danica_Patrick__4.jpg

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Danica Patrick's Swimsuit 2009 Sexy Photoshoot HERE

Danica Patrick's Swimsuit 2009 Sexy Photoshoot HERE

Well Danica Patrick's done it again and this time it's even sexyer than before. 

Brothers, don't despair as I'm still scourging through the net to find movies and pictures of her with less skin. 

Meanwhile, please enjoy this totally awesome Youtube video

How could this be any sexier?

Danica Patrick Swimsuit Sports Illustrated 2008 Secret Pictures

2008 Danica Patrick Swimsuit Sports Illustrated Secret Pictures

Never seen before Sports Illustrated pictures of auto racing drive Danica Patrick will only be available to those who demand it here in the comments.

For those who just can't wait, here's a Danica Patrick teaser when she was inquired about the magazine to do a photoshop on the beach showing the assets of American Girls.

Really, do you think you could handle a girl like her.

P.S. I DO NOT OWN THESE PICTURES AS THEY ARE PROPERTY OF SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, and if you do not have the rights to view them close the computer now!!! Or else, enjoy!

taken from: http://sportsfly.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/danica_patrick_winner-1.jpg

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American Flag: Danica Patrick Controversial Sports Illustrated Retouch

American Flag: Danica Patrick Controversial Sports Illustrated Retouch

Did we really see everything in the previous edition of Sports Illustrated magazine?

According to ibj.com, the American Flag was digitally removed from the back of Danica Patrick in her hot pictures.

It made a big tollé and a lot of people got insulted by this fact. WOULD THAT MEAN SPORTS ILLUSTRATED ARE TRAITORS, or does it just mean they don't want to distract us from our real national treasure: WOMEN!

Here's two pictures of her

Oh, did you see the flag?

taken from: http://thescore.ibj.com/content/?p=80
Roland Garros 2009 Results

Controversial Danica Patrick Strip-Tease Video

Controversial Danica Patrick Strip-Tease Video


Fake rumors announcer that a porn movie featuring Danica Patrick was realeased on the Internet. Even though the rumors proved to be wrong, we could only cross our fingers that such an heavenly event would take place.

Here's a pic for those who lack imagination:

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Danica Patrick Indianapolis 500 2006

In the Indianapolis 500 2006 edition, Danica Patrick debuted in eight position was again able to take the lead but unable to maintain it.

Many experts say it was on of the best races in decades.

Here's your daily Danica Patrick dose:

taken from http://www.indymotorspedway.com/
Séduction pour femmes

Danica Patricks Biography (plus bonus sexy pictures)

Danica Patricks Biography (plus bonus sexy pictures)

Danica Patrick debuted 4th in the Indy 500 May 29th 2005 driving for Rahal Letterman Racing. After managing to survive a lot of problems racing, this 23 year old rookie was leading the race and closely... won!? What shocker. She finished fourth. It was one of the best Indianapolis 500 in years.

The real shockey came when we saw the chick driving behind the wheels!

taken from: http://www.indymotorspeedway.com

Roland Garros Results

Danica Patrick's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video Shoot

Danica Patrick's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video Shoot

Simple question and I want your thoughts on this: if she wasn't that hot, would she receive that much media attention?

Anyway, here's the famous movie which received so much attention recently:

How was that?

Danica Patrick to appear in Fast and Furious Next movies + bonus picture

Who wouldn't love to see Danica Patrick, our favourite Racer Chick, in the next movie Fast and Furious!

She's already got some skills and I'm sure she'd do good on big Screen!

Anyway, here's your daily picture!

taken from: http://kissmyassets.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/danica-patrick.jpg

Will Danica Patrick Win Another Title? (plus bonus hot pic)

Some say that Danica Patrick is a contender to race in Europe. Why not? She was competitive in the former Champ Car Atlantic Series, even though she hasn’t done much in the Indy Car series. Plus she's so damn hot to promote the sport

Taken from: http://sportsfly.file.wordpress.com/2009/02/danica_patrick_winner-1.jpg


Danica Patrick Pictures

The hottest chick on the circuit Danica Patrick will be exposed on this website.

Get ready because she's got a smokin' hot engine!

Danica Patrick Maxim 100 #91 hottest chick

Danica Patrick has been nominated #91 hottest chick by Maxim, check out what she has to say about it:

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